Thursday, 1 September 2011


These are a new range of Cupcake Wrappers called Rose Garden. They are in a pdf digital download format and come in a set of 3 wrappers, matching tags and a sheet of pretty matching spotty paper to print on the reverse of the wrappers. The beauty of Cupcake Wrappers that are digital is that you can print as many off that you want, whenever you like, so you never have to keep paying for the wraps over and over again. They are shortly to be released with some freebies on offer, so if you are interested in knowing more about them please register as a Follower on this blog page and on our Facebook page to be kept informed of their release.

There will also be a really pretty range of Digital Craft Papers and tags following the Rose Garden theme which will be released in the near future - again in a download format.

Ann x


Shirl said...

Oooo Ann what a lovely surprise yo see you blogging again. Just licked on as I do every now and again and wahoo you're back.

You were my inspiration when I first started blogging.

The cupcake wrappers are delectable I can taste them from here.

Hugs Shirley

Shirl said...

Gosh typing bad today meant to say - to & clicked - blame it on the excitement of seeing you back. lol

Hugs Shirley x x

The Creative Cake Academy said...

Thanks Shirl, glad to be back too - even though my main focus is cake decoration xx